Polymeric Sand Color Inspiration: Blue Stone

Polymeric Sand Color Inspiration: Blue Stone

In this 10 Part Series, we're exploring the inspiration behind DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand's fantastic, modern color selection. The next polymeric sand color we'll explore is one of our most unique: Blue Stone

Blue Stone is a beautiful Natural Virginia Bluestone color, this unique color will pair beautifully with dark or light gray pavers or stone. Put this between your blue stone pavers and it will be a match made in heaven.

Some more color inspiration:

Color inspiration, from top left:

  • Chic gray/blue kitchen
  • Tumbled blue stone
  • Classic blue gray living room paint


Blue Stone Polymeric Sand  Photos

Check out some of our favorite customer projects for more inspiration:


Discover even more color inspiration, and find the right polymeric sand color for YOUR project in our Sand Color Gallery.


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If you have any questions on selecting the right color or in choosing the appropriate amount of sand for your project, please let us help!  We love assisting customers in the selection process.  Chat on our website, email us, or give us a call at 800-270-4050!


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