Enjoy Superior Performance & Stunning Results with DOMINATOR® concrete, stone & paver sealers and polymeric sand, featuring advanced technology and eco-friendly formulas.

If you are looking for a sealer with an industry leading level of color enhancement (wet look) and unmatched performance and longevity, look no further than the DOMINATOR® family of sealers. The DOMINATOR sealers will leave your hardscape looking amazing while giving you the peace of mind knowing you have the most advanced protection available on the market today.

The DOMINATOR® Polymeric Sand was born out of an outcry of low-grade products that produced less than satisfactory results. The DOMINATOR sand is formulated with cutting edge polymers that offer a SolidFlex joint solution that is rain safe in 45 minutes. This type of performance is not available in any other sand on the market. Why use regular polymeric sand, when you can use DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand?

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