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  • 5 Gallon Sealers

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  • AQUA-X®


    Natural Appearance Sealers for Concrete, Stone & Grout. Keep a clean, natural appearance and improve the durability of your concrete driveway, patio pavers, unglazed cement tiles, concrete block retaining wall, cast concrete or your garage floor with AQUA-X® 11. Or create a powerful moisture barrier for the grout in your shower, tile floor, or backsplash with AQUA-X® Grout Sealer.

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  • DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor

    DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor

    Do you love the look of your beautiful landscaping but hate the mess left behind by rainstorms that wash away your mulch or pea gravel?

    Are you tired of picking leaves and debris from your landscaping?

    You need DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor.

    And, if you love to walk along a pea gravel pathway (or your dog does):

    You need DOMINATOR XL Mulch Anchor.