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  • Paver Sealer

    DOMINATOR Paver Sealers

    Give yourself the gift of outstanding curb appeal with the DOMINATOR Wet Look, Color-Enhancing Sealers for Concrete Pavers & Decorative Concrete. Protect your paver investment and restore faded colors with a breathable, film forming paver sealer that protects from oil stains and other spills while providing incredible UV protection. Choose from 3 finishes - Semi-Gloss, Low Gloss, and No Gloss. 

  • Polymeric Sand

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  • STONE+ Stone & Clay Sealer


    Wet Look, Color-Enhancing Sealers for Natural Stone & Clay Brick Pavers - in Gloss or Matte. Improve the longevity of your outdoor stone, clay pavers, faux stone and travertine. The film forming sealer guards against spills, moisture and other stains and protects your pavers from sun-bleached fading with a powerful UV protectant.