Sealing Tools and Techniques

Sealing Tools and Techniques

One common question that both DIYers and contractors alike always want to know is: “How do I apply the sealer properly?”  In this short article, we will continue to give you inside knowledge on proper application techniques to further your education on “How to be a Paver Whisperer”. 


To Spray or Roll?

Let’s first review the two main application techniques, rolling and spraying.  The challenges with the rolling technique include: 

  • Difficulty in controlling the amount of product being applied. When only using a roller, the tendency is to apply more product in some areas and less in others creating an uneven application.
  • Pulling up the sand from the paver joints, which will cause the surface to be gritty.
  • Extending the job time. The rolling technique generally adds more time to the total job because of the labor required.


There are several advantages to using the spray technique.  Some of these advantages include:

  • A more even product application. Generally, it is easier to control the amount of product being applied to the surface.
  • Easier to get the product into the paver joints without using an excess amount of product.
  • Generally, requires less labor resulting in a faster job completion time.

Black Diamond Coatings recommends a combination of both a sprayer and a roller.  To truly be a Paver Whisperer, you must make sure the sealer is applied evenly to the surface.  Using the spray technique and back rolling any puddles will result in a smoother application and a smoother finished product. 


Hudson Never Pump Bak Pak Sprayer 


The Right Tools for the Job

So what tools should you have on the job?  Generally, a 3/8” – 3/4” nap roller will do the job.  The decision on which nap to use will depend on the surface texture on which you are applying the product.  For example, on a smooth paver surface, a 3/8” roller will probably smooth out any puddles perfectly.  However, on a textured surface paver surface, the 3/8” nap will not get into the textured areas well enough to smooth out the puddles.  In this case, you will need a 1/2”-3/4” nap roller to reach into those textured areas.

Next, let’s review different sprayer options.  Black Diamond Coatings products can be sprayed through a variety of different types of sprayers.  The most common types of sprayers include:


Sprayer Type:



Back-pack type

Inexpensive, easy to work with

Lower pressure - takes more time to complete the job, more back rolling required

Plastic lawn & garden type

Inexpensive, easy to work with, disposable

Lower pressure - takes more time to complete the job, more back rolling required

Industrial pump type

High pressure, good spray rate, easy to clean, relatively inexpensive, less back rolling required

Heavy, frequent pumping required

Battery operated

High pressure, good spray rate, less back rolling required

Higher price point, must keep batteries charged for proper operation


High pressure, good spray rate, less back rolling required

Costly, more cleaning required


Hopefully, the chart above helped you determine the proper type sprayer that fits your needs and budget. 

Below are some of the sprayers we’ve used and received good feedback about from contractors and homeowners.  Of course, there are many other solid sprayers available at your local big box stores.




Find It Here

Chapin 1949 3.5 Gallon Industrial Pump Sprayer

·       This is the choice of many contractors due to its long-life.

·       The large 4-inch mouth opening makes it easy to fill and clean.

·       Other features: 24” brass wand, brass shut-off and a brass fan tip nozzle for wide, even coverage.



Hudson 13854 Never Pump Bak-Pak 4 Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer

·       This sprayer combines the convenience of a back-pack style with automatic pumping; charge for 9 hours and then spray for 10 hours. 

·       The large 4-inch mouth opening makes it easy to fill and clean, and it includes a screen filter to avoid clogs.

·       Other features: 20” fiberglass/poly spray wand and nozzles have four different spray settings

Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer

·       This economical sprayer is perfect for smaller jobs with its 2-gallon capacity.

·       The funnel top opening makes it easy to fill.

·       Other features: 28” unbreakable wand and nozzles have four different spray settings



There are many different sealers and tools on the market.  If you're doing a one-time project, choose the tools that meet your needs and don't break the bank.  Contractors generally need tools that will last longer since they are used daily to fulfill their customer jobs.  

We'd love your feedback on the sprayers you've used.  Which ones have worked well?  We're always interested in hearing about tools that were helpful to you so we can continue to recommend the best products to our customers!  Comment below.

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