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by Heather Warren 1 min read

Black Diamond Coatings, Inc. is excited to announce the next generation of DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand, featuring ALL NEW Ceramic Flex Technology - a space-age ceramic technology additive for MAXIMUM BONDING STRENGTH.

Our new polymeric sand delivers UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE that INHIBITS CRACKING & DETERIORATION of paver joints from extreme heat and cold, plus WATER & UV RESISTANCE to protect your sand from washout and color fade.

Ceramic Flex Technology

The new and improved DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand has an EXTREMELY SHORT ACTIVATION and DRY TIME - making installation as easy as Sweep, Activate & Go!

As always, Haze-Free DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand delivers Superior Performance & Stunning Results and boasts a 4.9 out 5 stars rating, with over 200 reviews. It is available in 5 fantastic, unique colors and can be used in joint widths from ⅛" to 4"


Read more about How to Stabilize Your Joints, or view more How-to and Videos here.

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Heather Warren
Heather Warren

Heather Warren, the company's Vice President, has worked within the building products industry for more than 15 years. Since 2014, Heather has led the marketing and sales for Black Diamond Coatings. The company culture is shaped by Heather's philosophy to not be satisfied by the status quo. You'll find Heather working on a DIY project on many weekends and spending time with her family on their farm.

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