What are Black Diamond Coatings' Core Values?

What are Black Diamond Coatings' Core Values?

Black Diamond Coatings' Core Values:

We never stop innovating; we’re not satisfied with the status quo. We will change the future in home improvement products.

Black Diamond Coatings Core Value Summary: Deliver EXCEPTIONAL Customer Experience   Commit to Excellence  Be Tenacious (Figure it out)   Exhibit your Competitive Spirit   Be a CHANGE Leader  Stay POSITIVE as a Team  Communicate with Honesty, Integrity and Respect  DO MORE with LESS  Be HUMBLE   Be SAFE and have FUN
  1. Deliver EXCEPTIONAL Customer Experience: This is what sets us apart from our competition. This is the focus of every person in the company, from the quality of the product we produce to the way it is packaged, the speed at which it is delivered, to every interaction with our customers. Our goal is to deliver a “WOW” experience to every customer.
  1. Commit to Excellence: Always be improving. Build trust by consistently displaying a high level of commitment, dependability, and continuous improvement. Accept responsibility for accomplishing the goals, mission, and vision of the Company. We are driven to succeed and take great pride in the achievements of the BDC family.
  1. Be Tenacious (Figure it out): The greatest teams are the ones that find a way to win. When the odds are against us, determination, resourcefulness, and perseverance will always lead to success. We NEVER give up. Roadblocks are simply opportunities for us to show our true grit. We never stop trying to complete our tasks and achieve our goals. Give 110% every day.
  1. Exhibit your Competitive Spirit: This company was born because we knew we could create better products than what existed. Team members must have a competitive spirit to achieve ambitious goals, and seek proactive opportunities for growth, innovation, and development.   We embrace our competitive spirit to propel this company to stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success.
  1. Be a CHANGE Leader: We don’t fear change, we embrace it. Find solutions and take initiative.  We inspire each other to “think outside the box” to bring different, innovative, unconventional, and creative new ideas and products that can make us better.
  1. Stay positive as a Team: Our growth and success are enabled by our team’s ability to keep an open mind, be positive and have a passion to succeed.
  1. Always communicate with Honesty, Integrity, and Respect: We communicate with our customers, our vendors, coworkers, and our friends, with honesty, integrity, and respect as the foundation for building strong relationships with others. Being a part of BDC means that we hold ourselves to a higher standard and our strength of character is always visible.
  1. DO more with LESS: The size of our company does not dictate what we can achieve. Our determination, resourcefulness and tremendous “will to win” is our standard. We are committed to achieving our goals and continuously push the boundaries of what we can accomplish.
  1. Be HUMBLE: Our success and growth are what keeps us grounded. We know each day that we accomplished something great, and we succeed as a team. Each person on our team brings a unique personality and skillset to the team.
  1. Be Safe and have FUN: Focus on performing all tasks in a safe manner and take responsibility for the safety of those around you. We do our job well, efficiently, and safely, but we also make time to ensure those around us are having fun and wear a smile.


If you like our Core Values and want to join the BDC team, check out our CAREERS page.


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