Black Diamond Coatings releases new video featuring joint stabilizatio

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Black Diamond Coatings releases new video featuring joint stabilization in masonry sealer

by Heather Warren 2 min read

TAMPA, Fla. Black Diamond Coatings, a Tampa-based company, today released a new video that showcases its state-of-the-art joint stabilization technology and recommended application process. In the video, Black Diamond Coatings discusses its unique joint stabilization technology of hardening the top layer of sand while leaving the remainder of the joint sand loose, allowing for easier maintenance.

"When you flood coat that joint, you're actually soaking that sand so much it almost becomes like grout," said Fred Henry, the host of Black Diamond Coatings' 96-second video. "Unfortunately, later on when you're trying to remove it and replace that sand and give it that fresh look, it's really hard to remove or almost impossible."

The video is the first of a series of new content Black Diamond Coatings will be releasing in the coming weeks on its website and YouTube channel. The videos will offer contractors and homeowners a better understanding on how to use the hardscape sealers Black Diamond Coatings offers while also highlighting other noteworthy educational tips.

"We have been in steady communication with contractors and homeowners to gather the feedback of what each group is looking for when they come to our website," said David Warren, president of Black Diamond Coatings. "We are excited to offer the new educational material and continue to provide excellent customer care to all of our customers." 

Black Diamond Coatings manufactures sealers for concrete, masonry, clay and natural stone pavers including travertine, among other products. The hardscape sealers provide an enhanced visual appeal and allows for easier cleaning and maintenance of the paver and stone surfaces while aiding in joint stabilization. For more information on Black Diamond Coatings, visit or like our social media Black Diamond Coatings on Facebook, on Twitter or on YouTube.

Heather Warren
Heather Warren

Heather Warren, the company's Vice President, has worked within the building products industry for more than 15 years. Since 2014, Heather has led the marketing and sales for Black Diamond Coatings. The company culture is shaped by Heather's philosophy to not be satisfied by the status quo. You'll find Heather working on a DIY project on many weekends and spending time with her family on their farm.

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