DIY Projects to Increase Home Value in 2022

Woman standing in living room surrounded by DIY tools

 We’ve seen some big changes in homeowner behaviors since the beginning of the Pandemic. Home renovations are at an all-time high with no sign of stopping in 2022. Remodeling spend on owner-occupied homes are expected to surpass $880 billion by mid 2022 according to Harvard Joint Center for Housing studies. Meanwhile, building and contractor delays are pushing homeowners to dive into the world of DIY.

Whether you are new to home renovation or a seasoned YouTube professional like me, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to raise your home’s value in 2022.

Why do DIY projects at home?

Let’s start with the Pros and Cons of DIY. Some resort to doing home renovations themselves to save money, while others turn it into a hobby. DIY projects can be time consuming so, ensure that once you start you are willing to see it through to the end. It can be a blast to learn a new skill and there is no doubt that DIY will teach you both the good and bad lessons that come with it. Some renovations can be dangerous, be careful when choosing which project to do yourself or seek out a professional.

You can learn more on how to make an educated decision here.


1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Starting small, a fresh coat of paint can do WONDERS to a home. Ignore the mess, I didn’t say the process would be pretty. My living room was previously a dingy shade of yellow/beige and I brightened it up with Behr Marquee Nano White. Choosing lighter, brighter colors for your home not only helps bring in more natural light but can make smaller living spaces appear larger. While white walls were considered boring years ago, this is one of those home decor trends that is making a comeback. I also added an accent color to my interior front door. Behr Bitter Sage was the perfect color to add a little pop of color without being too drastic. 

Before and after or beige living room vs white and bright living room

White walls with green double interior doors


2. Open Shelving + New Backsplash

Open shelving has become a huge trend for kitchens. After purchasing my home, I realized how poor of a condition my cabinets were in and needed to find a way to fit this new project into my tight budget. While I chose to hire a contractor to install my bottom cabinets, butcher block counter top and sink, I took on the open shelving and backsplash tiling myself. 

I found a video from Megan Bell Made on YouTube that helped tremendously with the open shelving.

I purchased the brackets on Amazon and my lumber from Home Depot. I chose wood that had beautiful marbling so I could enhance the color with Butcher Block Oil once finished. The Size and thickness of your wood will depend on how much you plan to put on the shelves. I chose 12 inch deep and 2 inches thick because I preferred that look and use the shelving to store a good number of items. As for the backsplash tiling, this is commonly done by homeowners, and you can easily learn how to do it online from videos like this. 

Photos of kitchen before with all dated cabinets and during with removed top cabinets
after image of kitchen with natural wood open shelving

3. Upgrade your Faucets and Showerheads

This may be surprising, but this turned out to be one of the easiest DIY’s I have done in my home! Updating your faucets and shower heads can change the whole look of your bathroom or kitchen. I chose matte black because from research online, this is a new trend happening in many home renovations. To go the extra mile, I used grout and tile cleaner to brighten my shower back up and locked it in with this grout sealer once finished. You can also revamp your bathroom by upgrading mirrors. I purchased my wood mirror from a thrift store and my black framed arch mirror from TJ MAXX.

Before and after photo of a dated silver shower head replaced with a new matte black shower head

Before and after photos of a bathroom with a dated mirror and the after photo with painted vanity, new mirror and open shelving above toilet

Before and after photo of bathroom after paint, a new mirror and faucet.

4. Install New Doorknobs

My previous doorknobs were gold, but I chose to install matte black to continue the theme through the house. I found these lockable doorknobs for my bedrooms/bathrooms and dummy door knobs for closet/ pantry that don’t need a lock.

After photo of a hallway painted white with matte black doorknobs

5. Level Up Your Garage

It did not take much but these simple fixes made a world of difference for my garage! First, I cleaned everything out then painted the garage floor and walls. This helped brighten everything up but I went even further and installed these easy LED lights. I replaced the previous shelving with wood to match the open shelving in my kitchen and added a new utility sink.

Before and after of scratched and stained garage floor vs a painted floor with organized shelves.


6. Easy Exterior Fixes

Try painting your garage door or adding some fun hardware. I found these magnets on Amazon to spruce up my door without the high price tag of replacing it. Update your house numbers or refresh them with some paint to make them look good as new. Pressure wash dirty exterior walls or update with a new trending color to boost curb appeal. Adding a pop of color to your front door can also make a huge difference. Check out the 2022 Behr colors of the year for some inspiration. The trends seem to be leaning towards moody, earthy colors but you can’t go wrong with a good white exterior paint.

I filled in my driveway cracks and repainted my driveway because the previous owner had done this many years prior and it needed a good refresh. I know not all driveways are painted so another great option is to seal your concrete or paver driveway. Keep it natural on your poured concrete driveway with this AQUA-X Concrete sealer or enhance the color of your pavers with DOMINATOR SG+ Wet Look High Gloss sealer

Through the triumphs of do-it-yourself projects, I have come to love finding new ways to improve my home on a budget. Being a first-time homeowner, I had ZERO knowledge of anything that required a tool. I can now proudly say I am the owner of a drill gun and a sander (and know how to use them). Pinterest has become my inspirational best friend and YouTube my teacher. Follow these DIY tips or leave a comment with some DIY inspo to share with others who find this article.


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