Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home - 7 Simple DIY Projects

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home - 7 Simple DIY Projects

Whether you’re hoping to sell your house this year or you’re a DIY enthusiast who loves to tackle new home projects, improving the curb appeal of your home is always a win-win. Making a better first impression on potential buyers, neighbors, and friends can increase your home’s value and make your house more inviting to guests and buyers alike.

Here are some quick-fix projects that you can tackle on your own - no professional help required.

1. Power Wash!


There’s nothing as important as a clean and fresh exterior to make a good impression. Especially after a long winter, it’s vital to inspect your house with a critical eye and look for places where mold, mildew, dirt and debris have built up to improve the curb appeal of your home.

You can rent a power washer for the weekend (or maybe you already own one!) and tackle the following:

  • Hardscape areas - It is a good idea to power wash your driveway, walkways, and pavers at least once a year for proper care and maintenance. Not only does it keep your hardscape looking good, it helps to preserve your concrete black or pavers and gets rid of slippery mold and mildew. If you’re selling your home, this is a must-do. Once your hardscape areas are as clean as new, you can seal your concrete and pavers to enhance or restore color, improve durability, and help protect against oil, stains, and UV damage.

    Go the extra mile here and take a good look at all of the areas folks might be walking on your property. Are the pavers uneven; is the walkway cracked? Be sure to fix any unsafe areas to help avoid accidents.

  • Roof - Power washing your roof certainly isn’t a yearly task, but if there is a build up of mold, mildew and other gunk on your tiles or shingles, you’ll definitely want to address it before putting your house on the market. This can be a tricky job to do on your own, so you might consider hiring a professional.

  • Siding, trim, windows, and gutters - While you’re at it, don’t forget to spruce up from top to bottom to make your home sparkle.

2. Create an Inviting Entryway 


There are a few simple ways that you can create a warm welcome for all visitors.

  • Check your front steps, railings, doors and lights to make sure they don’t need repairs. Are there cracks, wobbles, or stains? Does anything need a new coat of paint? Are the fixtures old and out of date? A small amount of maintenance here can make a big impression.
  • Paint your front door. According to a 2018 study by Zillow, painting the door black or charcoal can increase the resale value of your home $6,271 more than expected.
  • New textiles. Replace the welcome mat with something colorful and bright and add new matching cushions to your porch furniture.
  • Potted or hanging plants. Add more color and life with seasonal flowering plants arranged near your front door.
  • Seasonal front door wreath. No matter the time of year, there’s nothing quite like a floral wreath on your door to say, “Welcome!”

3. New Mailbox and House Numbers 


Think about it: the first things new visitors or buyers will be looking for when they come to your home will be your mailbox and house numbers that help them find you!  

Add a fresh coat of paint to your mailbox, or consider replacing it for a new one that matches the style of your home. Clear away weeds, plant flowers, and add brand new numbers to your box.

For an affordable improvement, you can replace plain, faded house numbers with a brand new number plaque. These are available at any home improvement store in a variety of styles to fit your home.

5. Add a Paver Border to Your Driveway or Walkways 


You can give your driveway and walkways a high-end makeover by adding a contrasting border. Line up pavers along the edges to instantly improve curb appeal. This is an attractive upgrade that costs much less than installing pavers on your entire driveway or walkway, and it can be completed on a weekend.

6. Spruce Up Your Flower Beds


Beautiful and well-tended flower beds are vital to your home’s curb appeal. Make sure your landscaping is symmetrical and balanced with vibrant colors and full greenery.

Projects to tackle:

  • Check your mulch - Is the mulch in your flower beds getting thin or sun-bleached? If so, it’s time to add new mulch. Make sure you keep things tidy, reduce erosion, and add UV protection, by locking in your mulch with DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor. This will also extend the life of your mulch.
  • Trim shrubs - Generally you should remove dead branches near the bottom of your shrubs and balance out their shape. Aim for fullness and symmetry. You can also find great tips from Lowe’s.
  • Check for empty spots - Was the winter hard on your flower beds? Fill in bare spots with new flowers or greenery.
  • Add color - Make sure you’ve got pops of color in your landscaping. Even if your shrubs haven’t bloomed, you can add seasonal potted plants for extra drama and improved curb appeal. This is especially important when showing your home to potential buyers.

7. Upgrade exterior lighting

Add warmth and character to your entryway with spruced up exterior lighting. From your porch light to solar lights along walkways, this detail has the potential to take your curb appeal from ordinary to amazing.  

Think about ways to complement the style of your home. Does your porch light match the overall vibe or is it just a generic fixture? Also consider the best features of your exterior and landscape; you can add uplights to highlight a special tree or landscape feature. Enhance your walkway with attractive lights to add depth, polish and character.


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