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Black Diamond Coatings is proud to announce the launch of its NEW, technologically High Performance color enhancing sealers, available now.  These products take the same great formulas, while ramping up the color enhancement and making the shine last longer.

In independent lab testing, the high performance SG+ formula had no visible color loss after 1000 hours in the UV chamber that simulates sun (UV) and humid conditions.  It also retained 73% of its original shine in that period.  Click here to see how SG+ compared to leading sealers.

“Contractors love the ease of use of our water-based sealers, but they wanted products that would have a longer lasting shine.  We pride ourselves on ‘Customer Care’, so when they wanted an even better product, we have delivered,” said David Warren, President.

Black Diamond Coatings’ color-enhancing sealers include SG+ (Gloss to Semi-Gloss), LG+ (Semi-Gloss to Low-Gloss), NG+ (Low-Gloss to No Gloss), STONE+ (Low Gloss to No Gloss) and WOOD+ (Semi-Gloss to Low-Gloss).


When Black Diamond Coatings says that it is “by contractors, for contractors,” that’s because its President, David Warren, owned a successful paver restoration business for many years.  He says, “Our products need to continue to evolve to ensure that we are delivering the best products on the market for our customers.  We believe that the High Performance water-based sealers are truly the best on the market.  As technologies change, we will continue to work on delivering the highest quality products that deliver value to the contractors that apply our sealers and the property owners that benefit from them.”

You can see our print advertisement in the February/March edition of the Hardscape Magazine.  Click here to read more detail on the lab testing.

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