AQUA-X 44 - Clear, Penetrating Wood Sealer - Black Diamond Coatings

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AQUA-X 44 - Clear, Penetrating Wood Sealer


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    1. Penetrating, Clear Finish, Water Based, Breathable, Mold and Mildew Inhibitor, 1-2 Coat Application, Increases your Wood Longevity and Easy to Maintain
    2. Industry Leading Coverage Rate: Up to 500 Square Feet per Gallon, per coat
    3. Surfaces: Wood, Wood Fences, Wood Patios, and Wood Decks
    4. Protects Wood from UV Damage, Spills, Moisture, Stains, Mold and Mildew
    5. No Foul Odor, Low VOC
    6. Please follow the wood manufacturers recommendation regarding sealing.
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  • This is an approximation of how much sealer you will need for your project. Depending on the surface porosity, application method, and previous treatments, coverage rates may vary.
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