Paver PreTreat™ PRO TECH SERIES: Color-Enhancing Densifier – Basecoat for Porous Concrete Pa

Product Overview:

Paver PreTreatTM is designed as a basecoat for the Black Diamond Coatings’ PRO TECH SERIES SG+, LG+ and NG+ sealers.  It is designed for use by professional contractors and DIYers who demand excellent products, providing both the look and performance to exceed their customers’ expectations. Paver PreTreatTM is chemically formulated with advanced nanotechnology to be applied as a base coat for porous concrete pavers when a color-enhancing sealer will be used. The use of Paver PreTreat as a base coat eliminates the need for multiple coats of the SG+, LG+ and the NG+ color-enhancing sealers on porous concrete pavers.

  • Paver Pretreat is the industry’s first color enhancing densifier (base coat) that closes pores in porous pavers.
  • With our industry leading coverage rate of up to 250 square feet per gallon, the product acts as a primer and the base coat and it can be easily applied using a sprayer and roller.
  • Apply this product as a base coat for unsealed pavers and/or pavers that are very absorbent.
  • Paver Pretreat enables the “wet look” and decreases the amount of the Black Diamond Coatings sealer by 40%.
  • Our unique water-based sealers were inspired due to an unmet need for a high-quality alternative to solvent-based products. Our sealers are very easy to use and are commercial grade. Black Diamond Coatings’ products ensure the highest quality through every step of the way.
  • Refer to the Technical Data Sheet, as well as the “Get Educated Page” for more information.
  • Review application videos here.


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