Mulch Binder PRO LANDSCAPE SERIES: Ready to Use

Product Overview:

Mulch Binder TM  is designed for use by professional contractors and DIYers who demand excellent products. It holds mulch, bark, gravel, sand and dirt in place reducing the effects of “wash-out.”   This product is a landscape adhesive that extends the life of common landscape materials, such as mulch, by reducing erosion. It can also be used as a dust control agent for sand and dirt areas prone to release of harmful dust.

  • Mulch Binder reduces erosion and dust as well as locks mulch, pea gravel and sand in place to reduce wash out.
  • With our industry leading coverage rate of 300-600 square feet, per gallon, per coat, the product will cover any of your mulch locking needs and can be easily applied using a sprayer on the mulch surfaces.
  • Our long lasting and fast acting formula sets in 4-6 hours after application to the mulch and will last 12-24 months before need of re-application.
  • Mulch Binder is a water-based formula and is ready to use.
  • Refer to the Technical Data Sheet, as well as the “Get Educated Page” for more information.
  • Review application videos here.


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