DIAMOND GRIT™: Texture Additive for Sealers and Coatings

Product Overview:

DIAMOND GRIT™ is a commercial grade slip resistant/texture additive for sealers and other coatings.

  • Ready-to-use in water-based or solvent-based coatings that form a film on the surface
  • Provides a textured finish
  • Dries clear in sealer applications
  • Provides slip resistance
  • Easily dispersed in coatings
  • Add 2-4oz of DIAMOND GRITper one gallon and mix using sufficient mechanical agitation to avoid clumping.
  • As more product is used, the rougher the surface will become. The product is designed as a slip resistant additive and not a non-skid.
  • Product can be applied via spraying or rolling depending on the preferred application of original product.
  • Do not use on purely penetrating sealers or stains.
  • Refer to the Safety Data Sheet and label for further details prior to use.