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Become Our Partner

Black Diamond Coatings would love to partner with you – ensuring that we meet your sealing and cleaning needs on all hardscape surfaces!

Dealer Partners

We offer various options to buy our products for re-sale, so let us customize a solution that will meet your needs. In addition to professional grade products, we offer outstanding customer support, competitive pricing, quick shipping, flexible ordering options and more. We offer an attractive Point-of-Sale rack that can be stocked with products, brochures and our sample display board. Our Customer Care and Sales team can train your sales team about our products to meet your customer service level expectations. The BDC Team is available to help with any challenging customer questions, as an extension of your sales team!

Contractor Partners

Black Diamond Coatings is different. We are “By Contractors, For Contractors.” Our President and founder, David Warren, was a successful contractor for many years, so we understand your challenges. If you are looking for professional grade sealers that exceed even the most discerning customers’ expectations, partner with us to learn what professional contractors across the country are discovering. “Experience the Difference”– both with our products and our Customer Care approach. You can become a BDC PRO, where we not only share with you tips and tricks of sealing but also teach valuable techniques from the start of the job to completion that will help you stay a step ahead of your competition. BDC PROs get sample boards to show their customers the product choices they want to offer, in addition to brochures and other materials to be successful. And, we can make our products available to you if they are not available in your area. Contact us today to learn more!

Have questions? Contact our support for help.