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Black Diamond Coatings, Inc. is excited to introduce our new DOMINATOR POLYMERIC SAND products with innovative SOLID-FLEX technology using our proprietary blend of cutting edge polymers.  The sand allows paver joints to remain solid and flexible, preventing separation and joint deterioration due to pavers shifting.  No other sand on the market today offers this type of technology.

These new products meet the need for professional grade, haze free application and lead the industry by being “rain safe” in forty-five minutes after application. This sand can be used with concrete, stone and wetcast pavers and porcelain tile.  This new polymeric sand has fast setting properties, less labor due to easy application, excellent coverage rates and can be applied to joints up to four inches making it the ideal polymeric sand for contractors to please even their most demanding customers.

Available Colors

Before deciding on product colors, we asked many contractors what colors they needed in the field today. DOMINATOR POLYMERIC SAND is now available in the four most requested colors; Natural, Taupe, Carmel and Charcoal.










By Contractors. For Contractors.

Black Diamond Coatings’ founder and president, David Warren, said that “polymeric sands have historically been challenging to apply and often created hazing on the pavers.  Further, homeowners would complain about the polymeric sand cracking in the joints.  With DOMINATOR POLYMERIC SAND, we’ve created a product that eliminates the issues.”  Warren’s previous experience owning a paver restoration company helps him to bring products to market that solve the real issues that contractors face, which is why Black Diamond Coatings is known as a company “by contractors, for contractors.”

Warren says, “We are offering a more comprehensive line of professional grade products to the high-end contractors that already know and love our commercial grade, water-based sealers.  Our goal is to look for needs in the market and fill them.  Contractors with commercial and residential jobs alike will love this new polymeric sand because there is no sand that can match the ease of use and the performance that DOMINATOR POLYMERIC SAND delivers.”

Our color-enhancing sealers provide a good degree of joint stabilization, but when you have a situation where polymeric sand is needed for through the entire paver joint depth; choose DOMINATOR POLYMERIC SAND!

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