Dream It. Build It. Seal It.

Do you demand the best products are used at your home?  EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE with Black Diamond Coatings sealers and products!

You may have new pavers that you’ve just installed and want to protect, or you may have older hardscapes that need to be restored.  In either instance, we can help!

Following are just a few of the benefits of our products.  More information is available on each individual product page.

Black Diamond Coatings’ Sealers:

  • Can restore faded surface colors by enhancing the color, similar to when they are wet; different finishes are available based upon surface and desired sheen.  If you prefer a natural finish, we have sealers that allow you to preserve the look while protecting your pavers.
  • Are water-based with a neutral odor, and won’t harm plants or pets.  They can be used outdoors or indoors on masonry, natural stone, grout, concrete and wood.
  • Are breathable products allowing efflorescence and moisture to come through the surface of the sealer without being trapped.
  • Protect your surfaces from spills for easier maintenance, buying you time to clean up the mess before your surface is permanently stained.
  • Include an industrial grade UV additive providing for a longer life of the sealer.

We recommend using a professional contractor to properly clean and seal your hardscape surfaces.  Contractors have commercial grade pressure washers and sprayers that most homeowners don’t own.  For homeowners that want to DIY, we strongly encourage you to review information on our GET EDUCATED page, including application instructions.

Please be sure to review a couple of the GET EDUCATED articles that will help you get started:

Choosing the “Right” Sealer for Your Project – an article and pictorgram that help you to identify your surface and the appropriate sealer choices for each.

Applying Black Diamond Coatings Products– how to videos that help you to visually see the application process.

The Importance of Surface Temperatures – know before you start sealing whether the surface is the appropriate temperature to be sealed.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to sealing your hardscape so we can assist you in preparing to seal.


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