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As many know, Black Diamond Coatings is different than the other sealer manufacturers.  The company founder, David Warren, was a successful contractor before launching the sealer manufacturing company.  Thanks to his first-hand knowledge, David understands the challenges that contractors face in the industry better than his counterparts. Black Diamond Coatings listens to these challenges, then continues to develop new products to meet the evolving industry needs.

Black Diamond Coatings is proud to introduce groundbreaking new products that will save time, save money and deliver better results!


Paver PreTreatTM

Applying two coats of sealer to a porous paver may look good for a short period of time. But often, the paver will continue to absorb the sealer. It will leave the paver looking dull and often appear unsealed within a short time. We have listened to both contractors and DIYers and have created a game-changing, new product to help save both time and money.

The paver manufacturing process has evolved over the years only to leave the old tried and true way of sealing pavers obsolete.  Sealer contractors and DIYers are often forced to change since the pavers being installed today are more porous. No other sealer company has acted upon the challenge of sealing more porous pavers, and they continue to recommend sealing the same way as in years past which only leads to frustration.

Your solution is here!  Paver PreTreat uses Advanced, Color-Enhancing Nanotechnology to deliver a color-enhancing, densifier material to the paver pores, filling them up with a solid base coat.  This product will save you time, money and deliver better results!

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Mulch BinderTM & Mulch Binder + ColorTM

How many times do you see mulch that is not where it is supposed to be?  Or, mulch that is faded and looks blah?  Your solution is here again!  Introducing the new PRO LANDSCAPE SERIES by Black Diamond Coatings.  

Mulch Binder is a landscape adhesive that is ready-to-use on mulch, pea gravel and more.  Just spray it on, and let your mulch stay where it belongs!

Mulch Binder + Coloris the first landscape adhesive to include a color additive in a ready-to-use format!  Revive your mulch or pine straw, and keep it in place at the same time.  This product will not have color transfer and is long-lasting.


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