Learn how to use Black Diamond Coatings’ products!

Black Diamond Coatings provides a commercial grade series of sealers for masonry, concrete and stone surfaces, and we want to ensure that anyone using our products applies them correctly.  Our videos are intended to help you understand how to apply the products, as they are different than other products on the market.

For our sealers, the #1 tip is “Less is More!”  Please see all of our tips in the videos, articles within our GET EDUCATED pages, and the product-specific Technical Data Sheets.  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.  Our Customer Care Team is ready to serve you!

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For application instructions specific to each product, click on the button below to go to the Technical Data Sheets section of our website.  Note that you can access the Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for each product also on the individual Product Details page.  Call us with any specific scenario questions to ensure a proper application.

Click on our Application Videos, which may also be helpful to you in visually seeing the general process.  Black Diamond Coatings’ products are so easy to use.  You will see how to can apply our professional grade sealers quickly and easily, while achieving a beautiful end result with excellent coverage.  And our DOMINATOR POLYMERIC SAND is simple to use, while achieving the benefits of our proprietary SOLID-FLEX technology!

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