You will get products that give you the competitive edge over your competition, AND the kind of support you’ve always wanted.

Following are just a few of the benefits of our products.  More information is available on each individual product page.

Black Diamond Coatings’ Sealers:

  • Can restore faded surface colors by enhancing the color, similar to when they are wet; different finishes are available based upon surface and desired shine.  For customers that desire a natural finish, we have sealers that allow you to preserve the look with no to minimal color change while protecting the pavers.
  • Are commercial grade, easy to use and some can be used over damp surfaces.
  • Are water-based with a neutral odor, and won’t harm plants or pets.  They can be used outdoors or indoors on masonry, natural stone, grout, concrete and wood.
  • Are breathable products allowing efflorescence and moisture to come through the surface of the sealer without being trapped.
  • Protect surfaces from spills for easier maintenance.
  • Include an industrial grade UV additive providing for a longer life of the sealer.

We partner with contractors on:

  • Best application techniques and dealing with challenging areas to be sealed
  • Ideas for improving your business
  • Helping them understand the wide variety of hardscape surfaces and their needs, enabling them to become “Paver Whisperers”


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