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Black Diamond Coatings, Inc. is excited to publish test results demonstrating the durability of its color-enhancing sealers after 2100 hours in a UV chamber.

In independent lab testing, the high performance SG+ formula had minimal color loss after 2100 hours in a UV chamber that simulates the damaging effects from the sun’s UV rays (UV) and humid conditions.  It also retained 46% of its original shine in that period.   The SG+ performance is far superior to leading sealers in lab testing, with two competitor sealers experiencing almost full color loss and loss of the original shine.

The test uses a UVA-340 lamp, which provides the most realistic simulation of sunlight and correlation with outdoor conditions.  Black Diamond Coatings has significant sales in Florida and Arizona, two of the harshest climates on sealers in the U.S.  The company has had very positive feedback about its sealer longevity with proper application, including one DIY testimonial on its website saying that the natural stone sealer lasted over four years in Florida.

“Independent lab test results confirm our color-enhancing water-based sealers are the longest lasting on the market. Our sales continue to grow as more and more contractors and DIYers discover the ease of use and unmatched performance our water-based sealers provide,” said David Warren, President.

Black Diamond Coatings’ color-enhancing sealers include unmatched color enhancement and varying degrees of shine from high gloss to no gloss.  This line of sealers brings the color out in what is coined as the “wet look,” while at the same time protecting them from degradation and stains.

Now that the weather is cooling down, it is the perfect time to get those pavers and concrete areas looking their best.  Not only does Black Diamond Coatings offer superior products, we also offer support for contractors as well as DIYers.

Black Diamond Coatings SG+ on red pavers

Their knowledge comes from over a decade of contractor experience in the hardscape restoration business. It’s this knowledge and experience along with their family of high performance, commercial grade products that make this company truly unique.

Black Diamond Coatings’ President, David Warren, owned a successful paver restoration business for many years, so he knows what both contractors need and what homeowners want.  “If you haven’t tried our commercial grade sealers, you don’t know what you are missing. We give contractors and DIYers products and support they can be confident using when they are tired of products that fail to perform.”  With more and more sealer choices available on the market, it can be difficult for buyers to choose.  Warren says that Black Diamond Coatings offers environmentally friendly products that are easy to use and long-lasting.

Test results and information on all of our products are available on Black Diamond Coatings’ website.

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