We love using Black Diamond Coatings’ sealers because they are easy to use and produce results that get great reactions from the property owners.  The sealers come ready to use out of the container.  I don’t know why anyone would want to mix sealers on a job, as that technology seems so outdated.
Bio based and plant/pet friendly products are not a trend, but an important element of any “here to stay” product.  We like to use technologically advanced products that are easy to use and deliver beautiful results to win us referrals. We pride ourselves on doing work that exceeds expectations.
One of the keys to my success has been partnering with the BDC team of experts, delivering products and customer service that is second to none.

Pamela Randall, Owner, Seal the Deal, LLC.

I have Travertine around my pool and I used their product 4 to 5 years ago and it’s worked out great (much better than I ever thought it would). In April of 2017, I decided to re-seal around my pool, so I called Black Diamond Coatings and they recommend Stone + (Low Gloss) and Diamond Grit Texture Additive. The Texture Additive was added so the Travertine would NOT be so slippery. These two combinations make the travertine look GREAT and NOT slippery. I am going to seal my driveway which has pavers and I am going to call Black Diamond Coatings and purchase whatever they recommend. Fantastic company to deal with.

DIY Homeowner, Tampa, FL

End results- BEAUTIFUL !!! The [SG+] product was applied with a sprayer and I did opt to back roll for a good blend and once dry, looks better than I could have expected. 24 hours later, application #2 was applied and I should now be set for a few years 🙂 Thanks for the follow up and for such an easy to use product.

DIY Homeowner, Colchester, CT

You have restored my faith in customer service. You have treated me like gold. I am most appreciative of your time and thoughtful advice which has emboldened me to tackle this project on my own. So good to know you have my back!

Sammie S. Tampa, FL

Thank you for supplying us with such amazing products to work with!!

William Danford, Partner / Owner, Sunshine Stone Co. and Sunshine Power Washing and Sealing

I want to take a little time to thank Black Diamond Coatings Inc. for your assistance with a unique problem. It was a complete pleasure to talk with you. Having been a construction industry professional for over 30 years, I can certainly judge the quality of a product and the people representing that product. You folks helped with a project I was working on that had very specific needs. The project was for a very high end outdoor kitchen built from a variety of materials including marble, cement products, as well as stone. The goal was to obtain a finish seal that showed zero evidence that it had been used. This was a difficult task as almost all products show some type of color change, deepening hue on the surface along with some degree of sheen. The AQUA-X 11 showed nothing at all when dry. The AQUA-X 33 showed an ever so slight darkening (to tell you the truth, when completed none of us could tell it was on the surface). You can feel the difference but can’t see it. The home owners were thrilled with the results. I found the best method of application with all the detailed surfaces, was with a paint brush. Spaying would have been nice, but under the circumstances, with the breeze and the finished surroundings, it could have been messy. Thinking about it now…hind sight is 20/20… I might have gotten away with a bottle sprayer on some of the surfaces. The dry time was also incredible. You can certainly use me as a reference for your product. Thank you again.

– James Mangino,G.C. Site Superintendent,MCS of Tampa

Thank you Black Diamond Coatings for making a wonderful product. We have used different sealers in the past and we honestly love yours the best. We are so happy we found your product. We used the high gloss PRO-TECH SERIES SG+ and love how it brought the color out of our pavers. We used it around our office, common area, and pool deck. The application of the product went smoothly and it applied easily with little effort. We will highly recommend this product.

– Mill Creek Resort & Campground, Pigeon Forge, TN

On August 19, 2015, I purchased 5 gallons of your PRO TECH SERIES LG+ [sealer] and a 2 lb. container of PRO TECH SERIES DIAMOND GRIT.  I had spoken initially with David in your sales/customer service department and he suggested that the PRO TECH SERIES coating plus the grit would solve my problem of very slippery pavers on the side of my home that was on an incline.  The pavers became so slippery and dangerous (when wet or moist or humid) that often I could only get down that side either in bare feet or by sliding down the grade on my derriere.  Everyone who walked there remarked how slippery it was even when seemingly dry. David suggested I use a citrus stripping gel and the after wash (to remove any stripping gel residue) to prepare the pavers and then apply the coating with added grit.  When dry, the finished product is quite stunning (soft gloss finish) and there is traction when you walk.  You no longer slip, nor feel that your footing is uncertain.  Your product is “nothing but the truth” as a deceased friend who often helped me with the upkeep of the house would say, when he found a product that exceeded expectations and actually fixed a problem.  On a scale of 1 to 10, your product is a definite 10 and your customer support is an easy 100. Thank you for such a wonderful product and the personal service to help me understand how to apply it.

– Savery G., Arlington, VA

Black Diamond Coatings, Thanks for all your help with the sealer products; your customer service is 2nd to none. I have done a few jobs and my customers are very pleased with the outcome of your Pro Tech Series products. It was easy to apply and the coverage rate per 5 gal is amazing, I will definitely be purchasing more products soon. Thanks again for all your help!

– RCS Paver Seal, Cave Creek AZ

I ordered sealer from Black Diamond Coatings Inc. for my 10 year old, double level, wood back deck. I power washed the deck and let it dry a couple of days before spraying on the sealer with my new garden sprayer. The sprayer would not spray a mist only a stream. I used the WP+ Pro Tech Series Sealer for wood application.The sealer went on easily and did use a 4″ roller to smooth out the excess area. The finished result is great! -°©‐ the deck looks like new again with the color restored and you can see the semi-°©‐gloss acrylic coating. For the clean up, I just used soap and water. I have never used a sealer that I have been more pleased. This sealer is worth the price.I can recommend it to anyone who needs a sealer for their wood decks.

– John D. Flowery Branch, GA

Dear Black Diamond Coatings: We have been using your ProTech Series products for over two years now and we could not be happier with the performance of your products. Our customers are continually amazed at the look we can achieve with your products. After exceeding the one million square feet of restoration work completed with your products, I want you to know you have a customer for life. We have been in the restoration business for ten years and this is by far the best sealer we have ever worked with. We have an A rating on Angies’ List and an A+ on the Better Business Bureau. The sealer is super easy to apply and so far, it has withstood the harsh Florida sun. Many sealers we have used in the past only lasted a few months but yours has lasted two years and still going. The support we received from you guys has been nothing less than stellar. Sure others can lock in the sand better but personally I would rather have a sealer that will last for years to come than have some black moldy sand that will not come out of the joints the next time its ready to be cleaned and sealed. I can always count on you guys to answer any questions I have. Just wanted to say great job and keep up the good work. I look forward to a long relationship. Sincerely,

Gulf Coast Paver Restoration

Thank you Black Diamond Coatings for bringing a sealer to the paver industry that is easy to use with no messy mixing or clean up! We have tried many different sealers over the last 8 years none of which can bring out the color like yours can and other water based sealers can’t touch the sheen that your sealer has.  BlackDiamond has the best spread rate in the business, I am averaging 2000 SQ per 5 gallons and  I was able to lower my price per square foot by over $.15 which has drastically increased my profit margin.  I still clean and seal my jobs the same day and don’t have to worry about moisture issues.

– Pristine Paver Solutions Inc.

Black Diamond Coatings’ PRO TECH SERIES is a fabulous sealer line that I will be using in all my sealing applications in the future. I have tried numerous different sealers, the overall look of the job using Black Diamond Coatings’ products is far superior to products I’ve used in the past. It enhanced the multicolored pavers and helped define the decorative aspects of the job that we did. It is available in a Matte finish or Gloss for both interlocking pavers and stone products. It rained a couple of hours after the sealing was completed and it had absolutely no affect on the job. There is no mixing or waste with this breathable product, ultimately it results in a much lower cost per sq. ft.

– Felice Giuliani Hardscape Jensen Beach, FL

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