Become a Paver Whisperer

As you may know from reading about Black Diamond Coatings, we are a company “by contractors, for contractors.”  We know your trials and tribulations, and we know the success that many of you share.  We know because our company was founded by a successful contractor that wanted better products and good customer service.  As we’ve grown, we continue to bring people on to our team that understand your needs. This article series will answer many of the questions we hear from contractors on a regular basis.  Please ask us if you are looking for information that you don’t see here.  We’d love to help you!

How to Become a Paver Whisperer – Understanding How to Apply the Proper Amount of Sealer

This article covers some of the following questions: How much sealer should I use?  What products should I choose?  Aren’t all paver surfaces the same?  Learn to read the pavers to apply the correct amount of sealer.

How to Become a Paver Whisperer – The Techniques and Tools of the Trade

This article covers 1) the two main application techniques, rolling and spraying, and 2) the types of tools to use on the job (sprayers and rollers).

Why Seal Pavers – A Growth Business

This article discusses why pavers should be sealed, and discusses the opportunity for contractors to grow their revenue with a sealing division.

Setting the Standard for Cleaning & Sealing Service

This article discusses setting customer expectations, surface preparation tips and application techniques for contractors to set the gold standard.

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